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Reflections from Pastor Norma

JULY 2019 

My mom used to say, once your past age 40, the days will go faster and faster. Mom was right! – because here we are entering JULY! We always equate July with Independence Day for Americans!  One year John and I were in Sydney, Australia on 4th of July.  It’s strange to be outside of the USA on such a pivotal day of Freedom. Yes, on July 4, 1776, the 13 Colonies became the United States of America, so this is a holiday just for US. We must not forget how “taxation without representation” became the rallying cry to set the motion of justice and equality to seek freedom from Great Britain. 

When we travel around the world, I am always inspired by different cultures, food, architecture and music.  But, America is home! We must treasure our freedom and democracy that writes in our Constitution, “And with liberty and justice for all!” We will celebrate 243 years of freedom this year. We are a faith-based nation as all our currency reads, “In God We Trust.” We must all work to continue to live under the banner of democracy.  Pay attention to who we elect to all our offices: City Council, County Supervisors, State Legislatures, Congress and President.  Personally, I am apprehensive for our upcoming 2020 Presidential Race. But I am assured of our democratic process.  Maybe the popular vote should take precedent over the  electoral college vote?  Pray for our Nation as we bring out the BBQ and share our most important holiday on July 4th!

Which brings to mind that we at FCCSA celebrate 130 years of Christ Ministry!  Wow!  Equally impressive as our 243rd year of unity.  We all agree to keep democracy and Christ ministry alive, it takes hard work.  But we can learn to share the load. Thank you, Jesus! We invite all our members and friends of the Church to pray for our celebration events that will be upcoming in the next few months. Here is a sneak peak:

1.)  Vacation Bible School – July 26th & 27th, 10:00 am – 12:30 pm.  Invite your grands, neighbors and strangers to learn about Jesus. The seeds we plant today will be awesome for tomorrow’s Harvest!

2.) Prayer & Bible Studies –July 21st & every 3rd Sunday of each month -  9:30 am with Continental Breakfast. 

3.) Senior Seminar—Date pending: Avoid Senior Fraud, Scams & Abuse by the Santa Ana Police Dept. Contact Jim Weuve for information.

Seniors:  When is the RIGHT Time to Scale Back your living environment?  Beth McCloskey – TEAM

4.) Fall Concert TBA

5.) Celebration Worship & Luncheon – Nov. 17th or 24th. Dr. Felix Villanueva, Conference Minister to be Keynoter.

See sign-up sheets for any one of these events. Come join the march to revitalize Christ Ministry to reach the more for HIM. 

Those who cannot help physically, your heartfelt PRAYERS are vital and appreciated!    

Faith on the Journey!


 -Rev. Norma DeSaegher



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