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Pastor Lisa's Letter July 2018

The best predictor of future performance is past performance…

but there are no guarantees.

You hear that a lot in the corporate world.  You see it in stock market investment materials.  But have you ever thought it might apply to your life too?

Talbot Davis recently wrote a fascinating book about how we often act like we are crash test dummies in our lives, crashing into the same wall over and over again.  It’s like we don’t learn.  We keep making the same mistakes over and over, even though our “crashes” cause us a lot of pain. 

The best predictor of our personal future performance is our personal past performance.  Fortunately, there are no guarantees with our performance either, which means we CAN break out of crash-test-dummy mode. 

The Book of Judges provides a great example of a group of people who were living like crash test dummies.  Judges also provides instruction to us from God regarding how we might break out of those behavior patterns that bind us and keep us miserable.  We’ll be exploring that instruction in worship in the coming weeks.

But in the meantime, you can begin your own break-out from crash-test-dummy mode.  As Talbot Davis suggests, you start by believing that you have access to the spiritual wisdom that can help you “step out, disembark, and stride into freedom!”


Rev. Lisa Maddox

Davis, Talbot (2017). Crash Test Dummies:  Surprising Lessons from the Book of Judges. Nashville, TN: Abingdon, pp. 8, 10.



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