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Moderator's Message September 2018


Greetings.  As all of you know this space is generally filled with spiritual comments, observations, and revelations from Pastor Lisa.  As all of you also know, Pastor Lisa has left our flock and is now pursuing new and exciting adventures/experiences.  As such, as your Moderator, I will be filling in (of sorts) by providing you with updates, reminders, and in some instances observations that I feel are pertinent to keeping the congregation up to date and informed on the activities of your church and the church leadership.  If any of you have any suggestions or information that you feel should be shared with our congregation, please feel free to contact me in order that the information can be disseminated.

There are a couple of matters that I want to discuss here for the month of September.  The first one is the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Walk Out of Darkness event being conducted September 22, 2018 at Mile Square Regional Park in Fountain Valley.  You may register in advance on line at   The check in time is 8:00 am.  I have set up a First Congregational Church of Santa Ana team.  When you go to register you can register as a member of our Team.  As a reminder, participation with this event is one of our three goals for the year.  I know that many of you have already signed up for the walk and I am excited about our commitment to the event.

The other matter also deals with one of our other goals for the year.  We as a congregation agreed that within this year, we would have at least one representative from the congregation visit each of our tenants that use our facilities.  Since we are reaching the 2/3 time period for the year, we need to be more focused on our commitment to this goal.  There is a sign-up list and calendar in the Fireside room that will assist you in determining a group and time that you may go and visit a group of your choice.  The expectation is that you go to their meeting (at the beginning) and introduce yourself as a representative of our congregation.  You need only spend a few minutes to welcome them to our campus and to let them know that we appreciate the work they do for our community.   If you contact Sue Stewart, she can advise you on some handout items/materials that can be useful during your visit.

Again, I want to emphasize that your Church Leadership Team is doing all that it can for the benefit of our Congregation and its membership. 

 -James Weuve



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