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Pastor Lisa's Letter April 2018

Easter is almost here!  Easter brings Easter bunnies, chocolate eggs, and for us as Christians, the promise of new life.  It happens every Spring, around the same time that the spring flowers bloom and the baby birds sing.  We can see new life all around us.

But I think it’s a little more difficult to see the possibility of new life within us.  We aren’t young children anymore.  Most of us don’t wait with eager anticipation to have our picture taken with the Easter Bunny.  So, how can Easter possibly bring new life to us?

Jacob Armstrong suggests that Easter gives us a new music playlist.  Easter gives us a new set of songs to play in our head, songs that speak of light and life rather than darkness and dread.

In order to listen to those new songs, though, we have to download them first.  We have to figure out which songs we want to hear.  Then, we have to pull them into our internal music player, our heart.

This Easter, as you hear the chirping of the birds and the happy singing of children, listen to the new music that Jesus is playing for you, and then download that music into your heart too!

Happy Easter! 


Rev. Lisa Maddox


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