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Reflections from Pastor Norma

MAY 2019 

April showers, bring May this song goes and we in California are seeing exceptional blossoms all over the land!

May is a very special month for me.  My first child Anne was born on May 1st! New life always brings an excitement to a way of life.  For sure, there is change in ones rudimentary schedule! When I won an election in La Palma in 1982, a reporter came up to me and said, “Is this the most exciting thing that happened to you?”  My instant response was, “Oh no!” The birth of my children supersedes any event!”

As I reflect on First Congregational Church, I see so many seeds of new life. This is the year we have reached 130 years of Christ Ministry. Wouldn’t it be great to have a great celebration to thank God for His watch and  care over these many years?  We were once a vibrant and vital center of Worship and Fellowship.  We have weathered many storms over the years, but praise be to God, your faithful members kept the doors open.

A noted speaker Dr. Jolley stated, “A  setback is a setup for a comeback!”

 Yes, we have a great responsibility to the founders of this church to re-kindle the message of Jesus Christ’s Good News, for a comeback! “Come to me all who are heavy-laden and I will grant you peace!” 

 Too often churches have fallen into situations where disagreements became disasters. How do we mend these differences?  One thing church members should all agree is to be able to disagree with love.  The Body of Christ has so many different parts, each with a valuable part to play.  Sometimes we forget and  fail to compromise.

We need peace in today’s tumultuous world; In our personal lives, raising children, parents aging, economic problems and building a personal relationship with Jesus,  all seem to be waiting for us to rekindle. At our next Holy Action/Council meeting , I would like to share a 130th anniversary plan that can involve all of us to reach out to our members, friends and to the greater community. New Life in any form brings excitement, purpose and can truly energize all of us to a future that we can be proud of as we continue to carry the torch for Good News of  Jesus Christ.

 Especially today, we need Jesus to bring healing and hope to all who would hear His Word! As we celebrated Easter, can we get ready for a comeback?  Let us all be in prayer! 

 Let the Faith Shine!


 -Rev. Norma DeSaegher



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